KRISHNA VILAS DEN HAAG lekker en snel !

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4 sterren uit 505 beoordelingen
24 jan 2022 om 8:35 Quantity was very less for the price and dishes were all very sweet.
22 jan 2022 om 13:06 Excellent.
17 jan 2022 om 10:38 was heel goed gaan we vaker doen
12 jan 2022 om 21:31 Was weer heerlijk; echt een feestje!
9 jan 2022 om 22:37 Prima smaken, hoeveelheid viel wat tegen
7 jan 2022 om 23:08 Best gulab jamun ever!
5 jan 2022 om 20:45 The food was not as expected and delivered really late. Not happy in terms of taste at all.
4 jan 2022 om 22:39 Tasty and sumptuous food. They were nice to actually accommodate my request. Only suggestion would be to make the main course a bit less greasy/oily.
3 jan 2022 om 20:52 Erg lekker de thali!!!!
31 dec 2021 om 14:56 Pathetic delivery n when I tried to call the restaurant they picked up n couldn’t even understand what went wrong with the delivery n after I called again to follow up , the phone was conveniently off the hook adding to my infuriation
29 dec 2021 om 21:01 The food was warm and very delicious
29 dec 2021 om 11:47 Very oily