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29 okt 2019 om 22:22 Excellent as usual!
29 okt 2019 om 19:44 Fantastic Thali - very good quality. Please keep it this way! Thanks for the nice dinner :)
27 okt 2019 om 12:38 Delivery on time and food as was expected, delicious. I would request the restaurant to use more eco-friendly packaging for delivery.
25 okt 2019 om 21:39 Everything was just amazing! As a vegetarian family we are so happy to discover this place and we’re definitely going to order again! Special Krishna menus recommended ;)
22 okt 2019 om 21:49 Excellent food and fast delivery! Thank you!
22 okt 2019 om 12:20 Quantity of Sambhar was too little for Dosa that big. Mini Idalis soaked all the sambhar so I would advise to deliver them separately from next time. Rest everything was very good. nariyal Chantey tastes the best!!
21 okt 2019 om 18:03 fully of oil
20 okt 2019 om 10:53 The chef forgot to put mashed potatoes in the dosa. This is not what I have ordered. The restaurant was already closed by the time I realized it.
18 okt 2019 om 21:39 We hadden gevraagd of de curry niet te pittig kon, was helaas nog steeds erg pittig. Verder wel erg lekker allemaal.
18 okt 2019 om 19:08 Eten was vreselijk. Het was al lastig kiezen omdat er nergens een goede beschrijving bij zit. Uit eindelijk had ik alleen maar brood rijst en koude sausjes nauwelijks groente. ijs voor 5e was 1 schep gesmolten en goor. Nooit meer.
18 okt 2019 om 16:03 Every time they give good food but in my last order I found few pieces of small stones in my sambar vada.
13 okt 2019 om 16:14 Delicious food but the Aloo Gobi is a lot saucier than I had expected it to be! Great eat nonetheless.